October 24, 2023

Updates: New conservation partner: Malamba Coastal Collaborative

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Mozambiquan organisation the Malamba Coastal Collaborative.

We're so excited to get started on this work, building a coherent brand for our work and raising our website and digital game exponentially! - Paola Bouley

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Mozambiquan organisation the Malamba Coastal Collaborative.

Malamba Coastal Collaborative (MCC) is a partnership with and between communities on the Inhambane coastline of Mozambique. MCC’s field station and HQ is an emerging hub for environmental protection & education, and sustainable forest- and ocean-based livelihoods centered on the remote, coastal corridor that links Bazaruto National Park and Pomene National Reserve. 

MCC’s focus and partnerships span 12,000 hectares of marine and coastal habitat. The miombo forests form part of a regional centre of endemism, a key biodiversity area and a recently declared Mission Blue ‘Hope Spot’. The famous Baizo Zambia reef-system lies offshore. The area is remote and sparsely populated with indigenous communities almost completely dependent on coastal resources.

MCC work across four key programatic areas:

  • OCEAN GUARDIANS & SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY FISHERIES. Collaborative management of the Mazuene-Malamba CCP.
  • COASTAL FOREST GUARDIANS: THE HONEYBEE ALLIANCE. Apiculture (coastal forest honey), and permaculture, forest guardians and native tree nurseries.
  • BIODIVERSITY & KNOWLEDGE MAPPING. Participatory mapping & natural resources planning & management; Research, and biodiversity surveys; The Whale Observatory
  • FUTURE GENERATIONS: ENVIRONMENT & WELLBEING. Mazuene & Malamba Schools Nature Clubs incl. the region’s 1st indigenous youth bird clubs, annual BIMBI WUTOMI/OCEAN IS LIFE Festival & Soccer Cup. MCC established fresh water supplies (new boreholes) at both Malamba and Mazuene Schools as well as permaculture food gardens.

We are excited to work with the Malamba community to design a brand that represents the rich heritage of the area, and to develop a new website to promote the vital work they are doing.

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