October 8, 2023

Partner spotlight: WE Africa

WE Africa is a movement of women leaders in Africa and beyond, who are driving a more effective and impactful way to do conservation.

We are all about changing leadership norms that have been stifling us for generations. We believe that if there are enough of us doing this — leading differently — we’ll start seeing the change." - Dr Leela Hazzah

WE Africa is an incredible organisation of African environmental leaders, committed to empowering a new generation of women in conservation leadership positions. WE Africa’s work is essential to building a more diverse and inclusive future for successful conservation across Africa.

We are proud to support WE Africa’s work through their website, digital events and community app. The website provides a platform for WE Africa to share stories of its work and to connect with its members and supporters. The community app allows WE Africa members to communicate with each other and to share resources and ideas.

WE Africa is a vital player in the African environmental movement, and we are deeply proud to be their partner. Together, we are working to build a more just and powerful leadership for conservation across Africa.

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